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Understanding the Electoral College

To understand the reasons for the establishment of the Electoral College it is necessary to understand that the Articles of Confederation d…

Started by Online Professor in The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

Choosing Presidential Electors

The Founding Fathers wanted to create a limited government where the rights of the people would be secure. They chose create a republican f…

Started by Online Professor in The Online ProfessorLatest Reply

Two Party System

The two-party system in the United States and the winner take all of allocating electoral votes promotes a tyranny of the majority, where t…

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The Online Professor

Contributed by Keith Broaders

4205 11 hours ago
by Online Professor

Seventeenth Amendment

The violations and problems, etc.

22 Dec 22, 2019
Nullification of the 17th Amendment
by Online Professor

Morton IX

128 Feb 19
A New Internet
by Morton IX

Paradigm Shift

Hidden Truths and Lies Exposed.

96 Aug 6, 2020
Reply by Morton IX

2020 Vision 4 America

Constitutional issues for the year 2020 and action plans for 2020 Vision.

102 Feb 19
Ted Nugent Letter to Joe Biden
by Morton IX


Articles on Representation from Morton IX

35 Feb 19
Representation - The Number of Representatives
by Morton IX

Right to Travel

Articles and Videos on the "Transportation" codes, etc.

52 May 29, 2020
Right to Travel - Courts and The Law
by Morton IX

Self Defense

Natural Rights, The 2nd Amendment and the right to open carry, etc.

8 Oct 13, 2020
2020 Visions - Right to self assurance
by Morton IX

The Bundy Ranch

23 Feb 19
The True Story of The Hammond Ranch
by Morton IX

The County Sheriffs Project

Including State and County Action Groups.

260 Oct 17, 2020
New Mexico State Sheriff's Association
by Online Professor

Michael Badnarik

Interviews, Videos, Articles

18 May 10, 2019
Reply by Online Professor

Gun Control

Second Amendment

75 Oct 17, 2019
Gun Control Made the Holocaust Possible
by Online Professor

The Malheur Wildlife Refuge

Including Rancher Lives Matter, Robert "LaVoy" Finnicum and Political Prisoners Videos

159 Jun 20, 2020
Describing the Problem
by Morton IX

Constitution for the united States

172 Mar 20, 2020
The Constitution is a Rule Book
by Online Professor

The New World Order, The United Nations and Agenda 21

Including World Heritage sites, Global Agendas, Fake Treaties and FEMA Concentration Camps

12 Jan 13, 2018
The United Nations - O.D.A.
by Morton IX

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AmericaAgain Folder

Trump D.C., Restore America and the Original 1st Amendment.

152 Sep 15, 2019
The Original Apportionment Amendment
by Online Professor

The American Indian and the Doctrine of Discovery

13 Dec 10, 2017
The Plight of the Indigenious People
by Online Professor

Outpost of Freedom

Gary Hunt and The Outpost of Freedom Website

59 Jan 12, 2018
The Bundy Affair #25
by Morton IX

Freedom Interactive T.V.

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