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The Stimulas Check is not a Gift, It is a Loan

The $1,400 so called Stimulus Check we recently received was not a gift from the government it was a loan. The money we received will be added to the National Debt and will result in higher taxes and less freedom. Reveing what appears to b e free money sounds great on the surface, but these payments are ticking time bombs waiting to destroy what is left of our country. The only people who will ultimately benefit from these Stimulas Chects are the bankers, politicians and Wall Street Corporation…See More
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Voting is a Privilege

Contrary to what you have been taught, voting is not a right,it is a privilege. Like driving a car, voting is aI privilege.Rights are gifts from our Creator and are unconditional while privileges are granted to us  by the government.When an individual has a right, thet don't nrrd the government's permission.There is  perhaps no greater threat to liberty than being subjected to the will of voters who are ignorant and uninformed.. Giving just anyone the right to vote, allows the ignorant and…See More
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Apr 2
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Mobs, Gangs, Unions and Political Parties

Democracy is Just Another Name for Mob RuleWhy do people organize and form groups? They do so to amass power that they can use to satisfy their greed and lust for power. When a county is divided into groups, the rights of the individuals are sacrificed in order to  benefit the members of a particular mob, gang, union or political party.Power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. In s society where groups compete liberty, equality and justice can not exist. When a majority…See More
Mar 14
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Mar 9
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Nov 8, 2020
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Oct 29, 2020


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